Kovai Chandra

Stambha Seva

Pillars - Stambha Seva

There are four pillars of Dharma upon which human society rests. These pillars are: mercy, truthfulness, austerity and cleanliness. KCEC serves as a center for Vedic and cultural education, and thus, it plays an important role in strengthening the pillars of Dharma of the society. The KCEC Complex rests on many intricately carved beautiful Pillars. Mainly, these Pillars are of three types and currently there is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to be part of upholding the structure which tries to upload Dharma.


3 Types of Pillars There are three different types of Pillars which hold up the temple complex of KCEC The Temple complex mainly comprises of the following 6 major sections


Big Pillars which are 3' x 3'

25 Lakhs INR

Medium Pillars which are 2.5' x 2.5'

10 Lakhs INR

Small Pillars which are 2' x 2''

5 Lakhs INR

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